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FOCUS Management & Development is one of Egypt's most reputable contracting companies. Founded on a rigorous work ethic and the highest dedication to its stakeholders, FOCUS has become a nationally recognized company, specializing in general contracting and construction management of industrial, commercial and residential buildings.



FOCUS Management & Development was established in 2009 by the CPC Holding Co., the construction arm of the Saudi Bin Ladin Group (SBG). The story of SBG began in 1931 with the late Salem Mohammed Binladen, who expanded his construction activities through a number of autonomous operating divisions in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Over the years, SBG diversified its business activities and advanced from just a few civil construction companies in KSA to an organization of diverse global ambitions. Under a unified vision for construction development, FOCUS strives to reach new levels of success in the construction industry in Egypt as CPC’s lead contracting company.

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Our Vision

FOCUS Management & Development views success as an evolving process, which requires strategic research, careful attention to the needs of our clients and to an ever-changing industry. We believe our long-term commitment to provide clients with cutting-edge technologies, the most advanced services and premium quality is what distinguishes us from our competitors time and again.


Our Mission

FOCUS Management & Development aspires to lead the construction industry with a commitment to building and growing industrial, commercial, and residential projects across Egypt. We stand by the following core values:

Finest quality – Optimal efficiency – Consistent results – Unified vision – Safety first


Our Services

FOCUS Management & Development is proud of its reputation for hard work, premium quality and above all customer satisfaction. Fueled by our passion for building, FOCUS is continually enhancing its reach and capabilities.

Our interactive approach brings quality workmanship and attention to detail every step of the way, which ensures you can be proud of the end product.

As general contractor, we first aim to establish the highest level of trust and integrity with all of our clients. We value our role in the success of each project, and take every step to deliver a product that not only satisfies our clientele, but that makes us proud.
That’s why, at FOCUS, we provide all materials, labor, equipment and services throughout the construction process; we subcontract with suppliers and specialty contractors; we assist with building permits; we monitor schedules, deadlines, and cash flow; and most importantly, we ensure a safe and secure worksite.
The construction management philosophy at FOCUS centers on developing an interactive and inclusive working relationship between clients, design firms, and construction teams. Since our clients’ goals are our top priority, the management process begins as soon as we are awarded a project, and we remain a steadfast partner until a project is complete.
At FOCUS, we like to deliver construction management services in two phases: pre-construction, and construction. We know from experience that early involvement of the construction team benefits every aspect of the project. In the initial evaluation process, our design teams think outside the box to structure a plan that achieves our client’s project goals, all while keeping their budget and unique needs in mind. During the pre-construction phase, we provide planning, scheduling, and estimations; we develop a cost-effective budget, purchase long-lead items, and prequalify subcontractors to kick start the construction phase.
During the construction phase, we purchase all necessary materials, handle the subcontractor services, build all facilities and ensure that they are fully operational before our job is done.
The success of our approach relies on the continuity of our teamwork from the pre-construction phase through to the completion of the construction phase; and FOCUS is with you 100% of the way.
At FOCUS, trust is the pillar of our design-build projects. With years of professional experience, we know that successful projects and satisfied clientele come out of the synergy created by owners, contractors, and engineers working together in an environment fostered by trust.
More and more of our clients are realizing the design-build process is the best option for their capital projects; turning the tables on poor-quality, low-cost contractor selection in favor of the best value, a reputation of exemplary engineer-contractor relations, and a tried and true collaborative process that guarantees success.
Embracing the design-build philosophy has proven, time and again, to enhance innovation, while providing opportunities to shorten the overall project timeline—a win-win situation for everyone involved.
At FOCUS, our team works diligently with clients and design teams to take into account all program and design alternatives in order to find options that boost value and reduce overall costs without compromising the aesthetics of the end product. We know from experience that meaningful pre-construction services bring value, potential cost savings, and informed decision-making to the construction process, which eliminates uncertainty from the construction process and streamlines a predicable outcome.
That is why FOCUS provides you with an in-depth comparative study with each project proposal, which includes an assessment of all costs associated with the construction process and an overview of what could impact the project schedule. Additionally, our proposals offer a comprehensive breakdown of alternatives and their potential costs, which take into consideration all of the costs of operation, as well as product durability and ease of operation.



Our Projects

FOCUS is proud to showcase the numerous successful projects we have delivered over the years.

We believe our work speaks for itself. Please browse our most recent projects below.


Our Team

In order to continually provide top-quality services, and be a leader in our industry, we only hire and work with the best in the field. Every focus team member is a highly qualified professional with extensive hands-on experience.

At FOCUS, we are always improving and diversifying the skill set of our team, which underscores how FOCUS maintains a distinctive competitive edge. We guarantee that the number one priority of everybody at FOCUS is to uphold our core values, and thereby ensure that the highest quality is delivered to our respected clients.

At FOCUS, we believe that valuing the professional development of our team members translates directly into business efficiency and steady growth; this in turn fosters loyal customers as we work collaboratively to build infrastructure and develop projects, which ultimately improve the quality of life in Egypt.

Hesham Makeen

Hesham Makeen

Chief Operations Officer View Details
Medhat Koura

Medhat Koura

Projects Manager View Details
Ahmed Helmi

Ahmed Helmi

Technical Manager View Details
Hesham Makeen

Hesham Makeen

Chief Operations Officer

Hesham is a civil engineer with over 33 years of professional experience in the construction industry, ranging from on-site supervision to top-level management. Hesham’s career began in contracting and consulting, and he now oversees the overall accountability of every project at FOCUS. As the COO at FOCUS, Hesham does everything from spearheading initial project assessments, preparing feasibility reports, involving careful analyses of the proposed areas, income, development costs and consolidated cash flow, to ensuring all terms of reference, project goals and specifications for design briefs are drawn to meet client expectations. Hesham heads the evaluation and hiring of all outside consultants and contractors, as well as the valuing of all supplies and materials for procurement. Ultimately, Hesham maintains the operations of all ongoing projects at FOCUS, and carefully monitors all aspects of the construction process and financial outcomes.

Education & Studies
Bachelor Degree in Civil Engineering
Cairo University, 1982

Medhat Koura

Medhat Koura

Projects Manager

With over 33 years of professional experience in the construction industry, Medhat’s role at FOCUS is essential to the day-to-day operations of all ongoing projects, from timelines, costs and quality of construction for all industrial, commercial and residential buildings, to carefully planning and coordinating the construction process, as well as contracting and working with the engineers, architects and vendors at every site.
Medhat also leads the financial planning and monitoring of projects from start to finish, which involves careful consideration of construction forecasts and communicating with construction teams to keep them informed of any changes.
Medhat meticulously manages the scope of ongoing projects by keeping track of all costs involved with any unplanned construction work, avoiding risks that might exceed budgets, and monitors the availability of resources necessary for project completion. Medhat ensures that tasks are delegated effectively, staff remain motivated and projects are completed to the highest possible standard.

Education & Studies
Bachelor Degree in Civil Engineering
Cairo University, 1982

Ahmed Helmi

Ahmed Helmi

Technical Manager

Ahmed has over 33 years of professional experience in the construction industry, and oversees all technical operations for FOCUS. In addition to monitoring project accountability, Ahmed heads the construction and maintenance of facilities at all work sites; from handling reports, maps, site surveys, and data analyses to spearheading the planning, designing and implementing of specific tasks critical to the construction process. Ahmed also manages budget expenses, ensuring that the costs, quantity, and quality of everything from equipment to workforce costs; he studies and generates the Structural and Dynamics Analysis for ongoing projects; and he is ultimately responsible for studying and implementing the most efficient construction methods in the industry.

Education & Studies
Bachelor Degree in Civil Engineering
Cairo University, 1982


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